Sermsuk’s History


Sermsuk Public Company Limited established a beverage business in 1953. Our company has played a key role in developing Thailand’s carbonated soft drink market over the past six decades. Another milestone in Sermsuk’s success was introducing our own international beverage brand, est, and catapulting it to a leadership position in the Thai market.

Sermsuk’s business now includes non-carbonated beverages such as Crystal drinking water, energy drinks; and ready-to-drink herbal teas such as Oishi. We are proud to be Thailand’s first integrated company offering products in the non-alcoholic drinks market.

In 2012, Thai Beverage Logistics Co., Ltd. acquired a significant shareholding in Sermsuk. Our company became one of the five major businesses in the Thai Beverage Group. We changed our business direction, refocusing the company’s image and organizational culture to meet evolving market demands and consumer needs.

Sermsuk produces and distributes high-quality food and beverage products. Our business plan focuses on four pillars. They are: (i) To expand the non-carbonated beverage market, which is a key part of our business plan; (ii) To increase investment in the production of drinking water; (iii) To manufacture carbonated beverages; and (iv) To distribute other products in addition to beverages.