When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL.

CRYSTAL to Strengthen Its Sustainable Leadership in the Drinking Water Market

With the “When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL” Campaign


    Bangkok – 15 February 2018: CRYSTAL is celebrating its success in becoming the leader in Thailand’s drinking water market last year, with 20% market share and 11% growth. During 2018, CRYSTAL will continue to strengthen its sustainable market leadership through its success-driven strategy. A new thematic TVC under the concept “When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL” will reinforce the brand’s positioning as “the quality drinking water.” CRYSTAL will also drive the healthy living trend by partnering with Woody World to hold a “Community Workout” program, together with endorser Nai Naphat, Dome Pakorn, and Ice Apitsada, to encourage Thais to stay healthy by exercising. In addition, CRYSTAL will take an inside-out approach to promoting environmental conservation as part of its sustainability initiatives.


    Mr. Lester Teck Chuan Tan, President of Sermsuk Public Co., Ltd., said, “With the successful and effective implementation of our strategy last year, CRYSTAL finally became the leader in Thailand’s drinking water market in 2017, with approximately 20% market share and 11% year-on-year growth. Compared to the market slowdown, which saw negative growth of -2%, CRYSTAL’s growth figure was the highest in the drinking water market, which is valued at 35 billion baht. This outstanding success is the result of the brand’s commitment to offering quality drinking water that is differentiated from other brands in the market. With its trustworthy and modern brand image, CRYSTAL is the Number 1 brand most purchased by customers, and has earned several accolades, including an award-winning Marketing Campaign in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage category in the MAT Awards 2017; and Most Selected Brand 2017- Brand Footprint Award in the Top Rising Beverage Brand category from the KANTAR awards, among others.”

    In 2018, CRYSTAL will continually create brand value through several initiatives, starting with a line-up of marketing and sales promotion activities that will highlight the product quality. Secondly, with a distribution system that covers all areas of the country, the company is offering “CRYSTAL Everywhere” with speedy service for customers who trust in its quality. Lastly, operations and supporting activities for social and environmental sustainability will encourage brand and drinking water market growth, while reinforcing CRYSTAL’s sustainable leadership.


     Campaign to change your lifestyle for better health, while preserving the environment

     CRYSTAL’s marketing communications campaign for 2018 is based on the concept When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL to stress CRYSTAL’s very high quality and that it is different from other brands in the market. CRYSTAL will conduct a series of activities starting on 16 February to encourage consumers to take care of their health, using both on-ground and digital platforms. The activation will kick off with the launch of a new thematic TVC featuring hot star Nai Naphat, now in his third year as CRYSTAL endorser. He represents a healthy Thai who will build awareness of and strengthen the brand as the quality choice, so that consumers choose CRYSTAL when they think about drinking water. The TVC shows that every order of CRYSTAL will include a pleasant surprise from Nai Naphat.


    To encourage Thai people to achieve good health, which starts by choosing quality drinking water and engaging in physical activity, CRYSTAL has partnered with Woody World to organize a Community Workout program to encourage Thais to change their habits for better health by exercising with Woody, Nai Naphat, Dome Pakorn, and Ice Apitsada, from February until April. Hot trainers from a well-known fitness center will join in the program to give advice on how to train properly for maximum fitness. The first workout will kick off on 20 February at Discovery Plaza, Siam Discovery, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


    In addition to being regarded as the top-quality drinking water trusted by consumers, CRYSTAL has been certified by many local and international organizations for its production standards and environmental conservation. They include NSF International – CRYSTAL was the first Thai brand of drinking water to receive certification from the NSF, an organization based in the United States; the leading quality drinking water producer with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management certification; Halal certification for Muslim consumers; Corporate Carbon Footprint certification that recognizes CRYSTAL as a good corporate model for gas emission management and mitigation practices, as well as having the right to display the Carbon Footprint Reduction label on CRYSTAL products to show it is certified by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization; and recipient of the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “Quality Award” five times.


    “In addition to product quality, CRYSTAL is focused on continually driving its sustainable growth while always considering environmental quality. It is the first drinking water brand to qualify for the Carbon Footprint Reduction label for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Also, as the leader in the drinking water market, CRYSTAL will join with the Pollution Control Department to reduce plastic waste that negatively impacts the environment through the ‘No Plastic Bottle Cap Seal Program,’ which is slated to launch in February 2018,” added Mr. Tan.


    CRYSTAL plans to share knowledge about environmental conservation from the inside out. The brand will host a “CRYSTAL Open House” program for high school students to visit all of the company’s bottling facilities around Thailand. The students will see the CRYSTAL production process first-hand and learn how internationally-certified drinking water is made. They will also enjoy learning activities to boost their awareness and understanding about environmental conservation and the recycling process. CRYSTAL will provide Upcycling Stations for schools to use for sorting PET bottles, separating the caps, labels, and bottles. In addition, by mid-2018, Recycling Machines will be installed for consumers to trade in their empty CRYSTAL bottles, or any PET bottles, to receive a 350ml bottle of CRYSTAL for free.




   “CRYSTAL is confident that the When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL campaign, which underlines CRYSTAL as the quality drinking water for Thais, plus the campaign to encourage Thais to stay healthy by exercising, will help to influence consumers’ decision to choose CRYSTAL, while driving CRYSTAL’s brand image. These should build sustainable growth and strengthen our leadership in Thailand’s drinking water market during 2018,” concluded
Mr. Tan.


When You Order Drinking Water, Choose CRYSTAL.   


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